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I would just like to thank the anon who just requested midnighter and apollo bcuz I’d never heard of them before but now I love them and want the comics so thank you very much bless you <3

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As far as I’m concerned, the single most radical change from journal fandom is the idea that fandom is primarily a space for kids.

*shakes cane* in MY day, teen fans pretended to be adults while we walked uphill both ways!

#tumblr: i GUESS we’ll tolerate these gross old women LIKE OVER 25 UGH as long as they understand that fandom isn’t /for/ them



Is this meme still happening?? lol
Send me some smooches y’all~ you know the drill € 150;
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Hey guys, so I’m trying to work on my digital painting skills but don’t have much idea on what to draw so pls send me some requests! I’ll accept pretty much any couple from any series lol so long as I can find them on google.

Drawing of Kelly Marie Tran
Still trying to figure out my style, but I do feel like I’ve learned more about blending
Reference: http://sleemo.co/image/166570115545

Drawing of Kelly Marie Tran 

Still trying to figure out my style, but I do feel like I’ve learned more about blending 

Reference: http://sleemo.co/image/166570115545

Pop star Ellen Joyce Loo d ies in fall from her Happy Valley flat

Singer Ellen Joyce Loo was found dead outside her Happy Valley residence yesterday. She was 32.

Police received a report of a person falling from a building on Sing Woo Road at about 9.50am, and a police source confirmed it was Loo.

Initial investigations revealed there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding her death.


Loo shocked the music world last year when she came out as a lesbian, thanking her wife, cinematographer Fisher Yu Jing-ping, during her acceptance speech when collecting an award at the 28th Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan.

“There is a person that I have to thank today. Without her, I would not have written my first Mandarin song seven years ago; without her, I would not have developed my career in Taiwan. I have to thank my wife,” Loo said.

“My wife and I had tied the knot abroad last year … I know the world is i mperfect. So is my music and myself. But having you, who would still need perfection?”

The singer-songwriter subsequently became a champion for LGBT rights and an advocate for same-sex marriage – which she described as a basic human right.

Loo later described the moment when she came out on stage as “the brightest moment” of her life.

“Coming out is a very difficult thing to do as there is still a lot of unequal treatment against homosexuals in society,” she said.

“Heterosexuals and homo­sexuals both are entitled to the same right to love others. We are equally serious [when it comes to] relationships.”

The star was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2013.

In an interview with the Post last year, Loo said it took a lot of consideration for her to come out – though she thought her attempt to combat bipolar disorder was braver.

“Some people think I’m really brave for coming out; I think the bravest thing I did was to ­overcome being bipolar,” she said.


Random question but how many people do you think you have blocked on tumblr?

Idk I’d guess at least 1000 at this point


When you’re trying to figure out how to digitally paint…

(Reference: http://goo.gl/images/15MqFE)


casual reminder: when the foxes line up in numerical order for a team photo, tallest team member #4, Matt Boyd (6′4″), has to stand between shortest team members #3 and #5, Andrew and Aaron Minyard (5′0″)

Internal Documents Show How Trump Administration Misled Public on Poverty

After a U.N. agency issued a report in May on the state of poverty in the United States, concluding that 40 million Americans are poor and more than 5 million live in “Third World conditions,” the Trump administration ridiculed the findings.

In an unusually harsh statement the following month, the administration labeled the report “inaccurate, inflammatory and irresponsible,” and included its own data in a rebuttal.

But according to internal State Department emails and a document obtained by Foreign Policy and Coda Story, a nonprofit crisis reporting website, the economic officials consulted on a draft of the rebuttal questioned the accuracy of the data the administration was citing.

Their comments, typed into the margins of the draft or included in emails, were either watered down or ignored altogether. As a res ult, the statement the administration issued in June included misleading data and painted an overly optimistic picture of the American economy.



Hogwarts Houses [¼]: Ravenc law

‘‘Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, If you’ve a ready mind. Where those of wit and learning, Will always find their kind’‘